Fall’s Coming, Time to Bike to Work

The leaves are starting to fall. They’re pretty – but they have to be raked.

I tell you what you don’t have to do – you don’t have to drive your car to work every day.

I recommend you get your bike out, inflate the tires, put on a helmet and ride your bike to work.

Riding to work is a little easier in the fall and winter because sweat does not pour off as much. I consider this a good revelation if your particular place of employment does not offer showers in its list of amenities or “benefits.” Though some companies will offer a stipend for people who use alternative transportation modes to work such as bicycles.

With this statement of encouragement and promotion, I offer my services by-the-hour to individuals or groups who want to learn about clothing best suited for cool and wet weather riding in the fall and winter here in the DC metro area. I usually charge per individual but I am open to group rates if that’s easier.

Please click here for my informational page on bicycle-commuting-coaching services.

Thank you.

Keep the rubber-side down as they say. 🙂

Jesse L.

Twitter: @jltaglich


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2 responses to “Fall’s Coming, Time to Bike to Work

  1. Giles

    I enjoy reading your stuff, though I don’t bike much. Keep it up.

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